The Chronicles of War

3rd of Glaceus 605 AR

Merywyn Times

War! War!
Khador has crossed the line…The Winter Witch orders the murder of innocents in the name of the Empire…Sons of Llael rise to save your land!

5th Glaceus 605 AR

Merywyn Times

Count Stefano Di Canus exalts the Parliament to call the Nation to Arms, while the Mercanist Union urges the Commons to pass the Bill of Arms to expedite the contract of mercenaries to stop the advance of Khardic infantry in the Western front.

16th Glaceus 605 AR

The Chronicle of New Umbrey

Merywyn has deserted us! The Parliament stalls the draft of defenders and cannot agree on a course of action to support the war effort…Redwall holds under heavy bombardments. Oh, brave sons of Llael! The Churches Asc. Markus and Katrena are receiving donations in kind or money to supply our troops…

The Courier of Elsinberg

The Baroness Ganelyn organizes the defenses of Elsinberg under the command of Lord Wessina. The Royal Fusiliers parade on Main Street. Oh, handsome sight! The bravery and determination of our sons and daughters will keep our City safe.
Meanwhile, the population in the surrounding hamlets is called to take shelter within the City walls. The Church of Asc Rowan will assist those without connections.
The Vicarate of Elsinberg warns that the March of the Dead is upon us!

18th Glaceus 605 AR

Merywyn Times

Count Di Canus is found dead in his study, presumably he committed suicide after his affair with a young noble comes to light. The Conservative Party is thrown into disarray as no clear leader steps forward.

1st of Casteus 605AR

The Voice of Riversmet

The Army of Khador continues its advance into Llael. However, reports of heavy losses visited upon the invader by the brave sons and daughters of our fair Nation have shaken their determination. Llael do not despair, the Enemy is frail after suffering setbacks in Laedry. Under the leadership of the Duke of New Umbrey, enemy’s warjacks are outmaneuvered in the muddy roads of Spring time. That should teach the invaders the price of their perfidy! It is time to show them back to their borders, now!

24th of Trineus 605 AR

The Voice of Riversmet

Laedry has fallen and Rynyr has surrendered! Khador advances to Riversmet. Every man and woman of age to bear arms is called upon to report for duty at the Citadel. This is our time! Our fair City needs us!

The Guilds have agreed upon the terms to finance the defenses. The 1st and 3rd Regiment of Irregulars, the Crawfish, have joined the defenses of Riversmet. Meanwhile, the 10th Regiment of Foot and the 13th Lancers Regiment are ready to face the enemy.

28th of Trineus 605 AR

The Voice of Riversmet

The Archduke of New Umbrey is reported missing! And Merywyn is under siege…The Army of the North is no more! Soldiers retreating from the Western front have come to Riversmet to aid in its defense. People, show your countrymen the hospitality of Esmynya.

The Ice Devils are moving to surround the Citadel and promise to destroy our City if we do not surrender! We are not the cowards of Rynyr. We’ll show them what we country folk are made off.

The Chronicles of War

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